Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter O

Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter O

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This is an important issue because it can influence the personality of your baby. We are talking about choosing the name, a task sometimes complicated by the difficult decision between putting a traditional and familiar name or, on the contrary, looking for a more original name.

To help in this task we have arranged popular names for boys according to their starting letter. In this list of 10 names for boys by the letter O surely you will find the best names for your baby.

1. Oscar. It is a name of Germanic origin with a meaning related to divine arrows. It is a traditional name but it has not lost that touch of freshness and originality that keep it current at all times.

2. Oliver. The name has an English origin and reminds us of brave and risky medieval knights. It is growing in popularity because it is an original name with a certain distinguished touch that makes it perfect to highlight the personality of your child.

3. Oriol. It is a Catalan name that comes from a previous name of Latin origin with a meaning related to gold. He is one of the most beloved names in Catalonia and his charisma has made him go beyond local borders to become a very popular name.

4. Omar. This name has an Arabic origin and a meaning that refers to a long life, which is a good omen for your child. Omar sounds elegant and seductive and also has the charm of those exotic names that do not fall into eccentricity.

5. Orlando. It is a name of Germanic origin and has a meaning that speaks of fame, battles and honor. It is one of the most attractive names for boys because it adds personality and strength. In addition, Orlando is sophisticated and original without having been worn down by use.

6. Octavio. The name has a Latin origin that reminds us of the greatness of the Roman Empire. It is a traditional and familiar name that inspires trust and respect and that maintains its invariable popularity oblivious to fashions and trends.

7. Osvaldo. This name is of Germanic origin and its meaning refers to the power of the gods. Strength and overwhelming personality are implicit in its meaning and it also has a distinguished touch that makes it ideal for your child.

8. Onesimus. It is a name of Greek origin whose meaning speaks of help and utility. It has the appeal of those old names that are reinvented in each generation, with an elegant and traditional touch that makes them essential.

9. Otto. The name has a Germanic origin and a meaning of dominion and power. It is a name that has the charm of simple and forceful names, which makes it a safe bet for your child.

10. Onofre. This name is of Egyptian origin and its meaning speaks of happiness and satisfaction, a statement of intent for your child. We are facing a name that exudes charisma and originality and that is gaining in popularity.

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