How to paint a T-shirt with your child's drawing

How to paint a T-shirt with your child's drawing

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Children's drawings tell us many things. They are original, full of creativity. Children grow very fast and their drawings lose that 'spark'. They try to stick closer to reality and stop being so imaginative. Don't lose the drawings of the first years of his life. Since Guiainfantil We suggest that you always carry them with you, in a t-shirt, a bag or wherever you want.

Necessary material:

- A white cotton t-shirt, or a bag, cap, dress ... but always cotton!

- Paints for fabric of various colors

- Brushes

- Tracing paper

- A drawing of your child

First, ask your child to draw a picture. You can also choose one of the ones you have saved. Surely there is one that you especially like. But you can also take advantage of this craft to do it with your child. The two of you will have fun together.

Now you have to trace the drawing you chose on the shirt, bag, cap ... whatever you prefer! For this you just have to use tracing paper and try not to move when reviewing the drawing.

Once you have traced the drawing, take out the brushes and paints and start painting it in colors. You can let your son help you. If your child is very young, you can let me stamp my hands on the shirt. Look how good it looks:

Now you just have to let it dry. And now you can take your child's drawing with you everywhere!


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