Gifted children suffer from school failure

Gifted children suffer from school failure

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It seems a paradox that gifted children or children with higher than normal IQ can have learning problems at school. However, in 70 percent of cases, gifted children perform poorly in school and 35 to 50 percent suffer from school failure.

Lack of motivation is usually one of the causes of poor school performance. Although High Ability children learn easily, if the teaching plan is not adequate, they can fail and present poor school performance. Likewise, sociability problems often appear, especially in the absence of social models with which the child can identify.

And it is very important to assess the emotional factors that make up the condition of the gifted child. Some of the characteristics that gifted children can present are emotional intensity and sensitivity, self-awareness, self-criticism, empathy, passion, self-demand and perfectionism. However, they can often be emotionally unstable, sometimes introverted, or have great leadership skills.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a gifted person as someone with an IQ greater than 130. It is estimated that 2 percent of the population is gifted, but there are more than 98 percent of undiagnosed cases . Parents are generally the first to realize their children's intellectual superiority, although the diagnosis usually takes time.

The reason is that before three years of age, the high capacity of the child can be confused with precocious attitudes. From the age of four and specifically between the ages of four and seven is when pediatricians have arguments to establish a reliable diagnosis. Pediatricians emphasize the importance of taking the necessary educational measures and informing parents of how to collaborate, since these gifted children improve quickly if the proper guidelines are followed.

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