Children's stress

Children's stress

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Stress is our body's response to a situation that requires adaptation or change. Symptoms of childhood stress are varied and its observable consequences at the family, school and relational level. Following some guidelines can greatly reduce the impact of stress in childhood.

Vital factors such as the birth of a sibling, the beginning of kindergarten, a change of school or address, the death or illness of a relative, homework, exams or an excess of extra-school activities can be the cause of childhood stress.

The symptoms of childhood stress are varied and can be classified as physical, emotional or behavioral. Each child will manifest it in one way or another, presenting more symptoms from one group than another or a mixture of all of them with greater or lesser intensity. Parents should pay special attention if our child begins to present some of these symptoms.

- Physical symptoms: Exhaustion, extreme tiredness or, on the contrary, excessive agitation, headache or stomach pain, changes in appetite, enuresis, nightmares.

- Emotional symptoms: Uncontrolled crying (children crying over everything that happens to them), low tolerance for frustration (they immediately explode when faced with a no or something that frustrates being alone, going to school, to strangers,…), mastitis or papitis, regressions (for example, they talk like a baby again, suck their thumb ...).

- Behavioral symptoms: Stubborn and / or aggressive behaviors, appearance or increase of tantrums, reluctance or dejection behavior (not wanting to do anything, or to play with friends).

The consequences of childhood stress can be seen reflected at the family, school and social level.

- When we have a child at home who is suffering stress, the family climate suffers. Our son has become more irascible, agitated or restless. You don't eat well, sleep poorly, or wake up at night. Under these circumstances it is normal for parents to become distressed and not know what to do.

- At the school level, we can observe how our son finds it difficult to pay attention and concentrate, he is not able to do his homework as before and his grades get worse.

- It is possible that begins to have difficulty relating to friends, to isolate himself, to be afraid or start to have aggressive behaviors with his companions, to cry for any reason or to surrender to any difficulty.

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