How to train children to be punctual

How to train children to be punctual

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What is punctuality? how can? to be on time? How to instill the value of punctuality in children? Parents often feel powerless when it comes to ensuring that our children comply and be punctual in their tasks. After all, who likes to wait for someone who is always late? Punctuality is one of the values ​​that the sooner children learn, the better. Discussions, haste, and everything that involves waking up or being late will be saved.

Our attitude counts a lot when it comes to instill punctuality in our children. If you stay an hour to pick up the children from school, to take them to the doctor, or simply to go to the movies with a friend, you have to comply and arrive at the right time, as possible. It is an infallible method, you can believe it.

In general, the first commitment that children have in their first years of life is to arrive at school on time. Sleep and laziness are often obstacles to getting children to school before the bell rings. However, the parents are solely responsible for the punctuality of the children. For this reason, I have put together some tips to help children be punctual and get their homework done on time:

- The example of parents. If parents are always late to drop off or pick up their children from school, or to dinner with friends, or to work, how can they expect their children to be on time?

- It is very important to talk with the children about how important it is to be punctual. For example, if we arrive for a medical consultation late, we will have to wait much longer because if we are not at the indicated time, the nurse will call the next one. The same thing happens in the cinema. If we don't get to the beginning of the movie, we will be annoying people and losing part of their story.

- Create healthy habits with children. For example, in the morning, before going to school, children should get up when the alarm sounds, then wash, get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to school. If we maintain this routine, it will be easier for children to organize and plan their time better.

- Talk with the children about the advantages of being punctual. A punctual person awakens more respect, consideration and credibility in others.

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