23 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant

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You are in the 23rd week of pregnancy and have just passed the halfway point of pregnancy. All the initial discomfort and discomfort you felt during the first trimester of pregnancy have passed. The twenty-third week of pregnancy is characterized byone of the best times of pregnancy.

You feel energetic and still your abdomen is not large enough that you feel uncomfortable or cannot rest properly. Enjoy the moment!

In the 23rd week of pregnancy, your abdomen has already exceeded the height of the navel, this may cause tightness on the sides or the pubic area. If the pain is very severe, discuss it with your gynecologist. The stretching that the skin is suffering with the growth of the uterus can make you feel itchy, keep your gut very hydrated and try not to scratch so as not to cause small wounds.

Try to protect your back throughout the day, do not carry excessive weight and maintain good postural hygiene. Your back will suffer throughout your pregnancy, your spine will be forward and this could cause low back pain. Also, by increasing the uterus, lInternal organs move.

In the twenty-third week of pregnancy, you might also notice that tIt is harder to breathe and you get tired quickly, it is because the uterus pushes the lungs up and they have extra work since there is a greater demand for oxygen.

When you are calm and have gone to bed is the moment when you will notice more clearly the movements of the baby inside your uterus. Your baby can hear the sounds that come from outside so you can take the opportunity to put melodic or classical music.

Your baby is 23 weeks old, about 28 centimeters tall and weighs about 550 grams. Your skin has a wrinkled appearance but will be smoother in the next few weeks. The lanugo, that fine hair that covers his body is darkening and little by little hair is coming out on his head.

As for your organs: in the 23rd week of gestation, the brain continues its development and the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems prepare to function outside the womb.

The baby is very active at this stage of pregnancy, performs many movements when awake and also alternate these exercises with periods of sleep. It is important that you are attentive to their movements every day, if one day you do not notice activity, go for a consultation.

Pregnant women usually need an iron supplement since the iron intake in the diet is not always enough to meet the needs of the body. If your analysis shows an iron deficiency or anemia, your gynecologist will prescribe a supplement. Sometimes you will have to keep taking it during quarantine.

Iron supplements often cause constipation in many pregnant women, introduce foods rich in fiber to avoid it and also prevent the appearance of hemorrhoids.

During pregnancy you will be very focused on taking care of your physical condition and thus favoring the good development of the baby, however, you should not neglect the emotional state. Pregnancy is a situation of immense changes for women, you may feel insecure, worried, or distressed. For the proper development of pregnancy it is also important that you are calm and live this stage in a relaxed way.

It will help you to share fears or feelings with your partner, dedicate some time of your day to lie quiet and listen to music or read, take deep breaths, or use relaxation techniques. Take advantage of resting now from the twenty-third week of pregnancy to gain energy.

If you are a vegetarian, you should consult your obstetrician so that they can give you feeding guidelines and have all the needs of your body and the developing baby covered. If you don't eat meat, you will need to get the proteins of cheeses, legumes or nuts.

If you eat out regularly, you may fall into the temptation or bad habit of eating industrial pastries, pre-cooked food, fast foods or snacks. You will have to replace these products with more nutritious ones.

You can have salads, as long as you make sure that the vegetables are well washed. Ham and cheese sandwiches are not a bad option, even grilled meat or chicken can be prepared in any restaurant and always remember to finish your meals with a piece of fruit.

Maintain the habit in the 23rd week of pregnancy of eating 5 meals a day. Again, if you spend a lot of time away from home, take a small bag so you can have something in the middle of the morning and at snack time. Dairy and fruit will always be nutritious and healthy food to make a small snack.

In the twenty-third week of gestation, you will have the feeling of being more clueless and forgetful. You are so concerned about the development of the baby and the progress of your pregnancy that you focus less on other tasks. It's normal for you to experience scenes like throwing unopened yogurt in the trash and putting a chocolate bar wrapper in the fridge. Loss and forgetfulness are normal.

Physical exercise is convenient throughout the pregnancy, walking, swimming, practicing gymnastics for pregnant women will be beneficial for you. Also practicing yoga or Pilates will help you combine physical exercise with relaxation techniques that They will also favor your emotional health.

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