Mom, can you give me a treat?

Mom, can you give me a treat?

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I think that the balance in education is the most difficult thing to achieve, mainly when we educate our child in a way at home but it turns out that outside the home the rules are different. That happens, for example, with allowing or prohibiting him to eat sweets or sweets and many other things.

What I mean by all that is that getting a middle ground in everything that we allow or prohibit our children is difficult. For example, I have never had thehabit of giving trinkets to my daughter. Not knowing sweets, when she was little she did not have the habit of eating them as her friends did a lot. But then, when she started going to birthdays or being more with her peers, she began to demand trinkets, chocolates, sweets, lollipops, etc., at all hours.

The solution may lie in setting limits. You can't stop children from trying new experiences, new pleasures and flavors ... because after all, sometime they won't be able to control their urges, desires, and curiosity, and they will anyway. So I think it is best to allow them to do so, but in the right measure. My daughter is clear that she can only eat candy, when she has a birthday or when we go to the movies. I think it's more than enough, don't you think?

I remember very well that once I enrolled my daughter at her school for some extra English classes, once a week. Of course, I saw her very happy to go to class and one day I asked her why she liked these classes so much. And do you know what he told me? Because the teacher gave them a lot of sweets. For each correct answer she gave them treats as a reward. Sure, no wonder all the children were delighted to go to the classes. I spoke with the teacher and asked her to find another way to reward my daughter since I was not in favor of this type of award.

The teacher understood me and stopped give awards. My daughter no longer wanted to go to English classes. Sure, we are always repeating to our children that sweets are bad for their teeth, for their health, that they cause obesity, etc., but many of us do not make an effort to guide them in this regard. We can not only inform them about the sugar, colorings and flavorings that the sweets have, but also ask them to brush their teeth so they can, after consuming them.

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