Do you know how to play your baby when he cries?

Do you know how to play your baby when he cries?

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When I came out of the maternity ward and came home with my baby, I was faced with a new experience for me and I needed him to speak to me. If he had, maybe things would have been a lot easier for both of them. Sometimes, I would say, if you had told me from the beginning that you were hungry, I would not have entertained myself by changing your diaper and I would have fed you much earlier.

It is true that children do not come with an instruction manual under their arm, although I would have liked it. With the first cries, mothers go crazy at first,trying to find out what's wrong, but work on thisinterpretationit is more important than we imagine.

When, at last, we achieve differentiate one cry from another, one for when he is hungry, another for when he is bored or another for when he is dirty and we can say without mistake "he cries from hunger" or "he cries because he wants to be changed", we are not only relying on our abilities to respond appropriately to the needs of our child but, in turn, we are establishing the principle of pre-verbal communication.

And it is that the interpretation that parents make of the gestures, crying or expression of our children is one of the most important actions to help our babies to sit down. bases of communication verbal. This interpretation, which we perform intuitively, establishes the foundations for the child to differentiate and enrich their communication resources.

Sometimes, when this does not happen and the child is not interpreted properly or we do not put ourselves in the baby's shoes, a misunderstanding occurs. In children, their desire to intract is hampered because they feel that their needs are not being responded to, they become confused about which are the appropriate signals to be understood, anguish seizes them and experiences what is called a feeling of helplessness or danger.

Marisol New.

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