Accident prevention

Accident prevention

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Traffic accidents they are the main cause of infant mortality. The statistics offer some shocking numbers. In recent years, Spanish children have suffered nearly half a million accidents, some of them with fatal consequences. The situation is more alert, if one takes into account that many of them could have been perfectly avoided. According to Spanish Association of PediatricsBetween 1998 and 2006, more than 1,300 children lost their lives in traffic accidents. In 2008, according to data from the General direction of traffic(DGT), 84 children under 14 years of age lost their lives on the road, 591 were seriously injured and 4,717 suffered minor injuries.

In 2009, according to DGT data, the highest number of deaths between 0 and 14 years old occurred in Spain when children were passengers in vehicles. However, in 2010, according to general data from the General Traffic Directorate, there were 1,730 fatalities, of which 3% were under 14 years of age. This represents a 9.1% reduction in fatalities and 44% fewer deaths registered among those under 14 years of age. The evolution of child road safety during the last twenty years (1990-2009) in Spain is encouraging, since for the first time the number of children (0-14 years) who died as a result of traffic accidents has decreased, by concrete, 80% less.

One of the factors that has triggered this decline is the use of safety seats in the car. Even so, still, there is an alarming number of children who do not use the necessary safety systems for their protection in the car. Not surprisingly, there is still an alarming figure on the number of children who still travel without the necessary security measures.

1- Traffic accidents
Incidents that result in greater Child mortality, are traffic accidents, either as a result of being run over or collision. Every four days a child loses his life in a traffic accident. The Spanish Association of Pediatrics indicates death on the road as the leading cause of mortality in 4-year-old children, the second in children under 2 years of age and the fourth in 1-year-old babies.

2- Child suffocation or choking
Suffocation follows, either under water or caused by various objects (small items that are swallowed, plastic bags, strings around the neck).

3- Children's falls
The third place in the tragic ranking is occupied by falls, particularly from unprotected windows or terraces, as well as from trees. In terms of its frequency, the most frequent enemies of children are falls, the cause of 40% of accidents. Closely followed are poisonings, particularly those derived from cleaning products and medications. This dark outlook could be less depressing if some security measures are put in place.

Statistics also show that it is in homes where boys and girls up to 4 years of age suffer the most accidents. The most frequent are falls, blows, cuts, burns and drowning. Children today grow up surrounded by sources of danger that did not exist a few decades ago and often spend a lot of time alone or with little surveillance. From the age of 4, boys and girls suffer most of the accidents on the street or at school. They usually occur during games, sports and in traffic. But, the vast majority of childhood accidents can be prevented. Parents and educators have a fundamental role in this.

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