The confusion of a mouse. Stories with rhymes

The confusion of a mouse. Stories with rhymes

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The Ratoncito Pérez is a character who usually visits children who have lost a tooth. The child has to put it under the pillow and the little mouse replaces it with a gift.

Children love the story of the Tooth Fairy, so we suggest you read this version, written by Liana Castelo, in verse. A great way to introduce poetry into your child's reading.

A girl stumbled
and a tooth fell out
Happy and enthusiastic,
put it under his pillow

At night the mouse,
had a great confusion
“But look what that is!
A nice piece of cheese! "

With his hands he took it
and with the tooth marched
The girl waking up
looked at her and started crying.

"But what a greedy mouse,
nothing has left me ”!
In the house of the mouse,
the discussion started

The angry mouse,
to her husband she claimed:
"This is not cheese dear,
I'm afraid you're confused! "

The mouse ashamed,
he asked hopefully:
"Are you sure my love?
Maybe it's Roquefort ”.

The very sure mouse,
left no room for doubt
"My palate does not lie to me,
this is a small tooth

We can't eat it
you have to return it
And to the house they returned,
when everyone fell asleep

The pillow lifted
and the tooth placed
The little girl found it
and left it on the pillow

The next morning,
the tooth was gone
Coins when you wake up,
saw the girl instead
Bought a lollipop
and the story came to an end.

Liana Castelo

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