Traposo's children's stories to read to children

Traposo's children's stories to read to children

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Children's stories are entertaining and educational for children. A story helps children develop their imaginations, learn stories with teachings, and have fun. Ragged Bear brings you video stories to read with children.

With stories we improve children's communication, we help them create their own memories and invent and discover. Stories are a good educational tool for children.

Reading a children's story to your child helps him to enhance his imagination at the same time that he creates, or consolidates, the emotional ties between you. And you will realize that the innocent "Once upon a time ..." has magical effects for both of you.

Help your child to learn values ​​such as tolerance, humility or understanding, morals that they can understand in a simple way with the stories of Traposo.

Traposo bear, the mascot of Guí, is the narrator of these beautiful stories. Let Traposo teach the children some children's stories they will love.

Video of the story Los 7 cabritillos. Do you know the children's story of 'The 7 kids and the wolf'? It is a beautiful story to tell to children because it has a beautiful moral at the end: you must not get carried away by appearances. Also, on this occasion, the speaker is our beloved Rag-bear.

Video of the story The 3 Little Pigs. Do your children know the story of the three little pigs? If the answer is no, Ragged Bear brings you this story for children, which is a classic, in which the wolf chases the most famous pigs. Children of all generations love this video story.

Video of the story The presumed rat. The Ragged Bear tells you the traditional tale of the smug little rat, but with a happy ending, as we like it. The funny Traposo bear, Guiainfantil's mascot, also brings you a lot of traditional songs for children, jokes, riddles, tongue twisters ...

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Video: Kids Book Read Aloud: NEVER LET A DINOSAUR SCRIBBLE by Diane Alber (July 2022).


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