Chocolate Easter eggs for children. Homemade recipe

Chocolate Easter eggs for children. Homemade recipe

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In your house do you have the habit of giving chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday to the children? Giving Easter eggs is a very old tradition that is still used in many families. Thus, has found in a recipe of the simplest and easiest to make chocolate eggs in a very homemade way.

My recipes, a portal of recipes of all flavors and colors, share with our readers, a recipe that teaches how to make homemade chocolate Easter eggs, step by step, with and for children. You dare?

  • 1 bag of chocolate pearls
  • 1 large tablet of dark chocolate
  • 1 kitchen brush
  • Egg mold
  • Candies to fill them

Tips: This recipe can be made with both dark, white or milk chocolate. The process is the same. And to fill the eggs you can also use small chocolate eggs or candy

1. Bring a pot of water to heat over the fire. Meanwhile, cut the chocolate bar into pieces.

2. Put the chocolate in a bowl and take it in a bain-marie to the pot with hot water so that it melts, always stirring.

3. With the help of a brush, paint the molds and take them to the fridge to solidify the chocolate. Repeat the process and return the molds to the fridge.

4. Finally, unmold the eggs, stick with a little melted chocolate one half to the other, without first forgetting to add the candies, and we only have to decorate them as we want.

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