Short poems to learn number 3

Short poems to learn number 3

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Poems can help children learn other concepts such as parts of the human body, the days of the week, or the seasons of the year. On our site we propose several children's poems about the number 3.

Children can memorize these poems for children to get to know the number 3 a little better. You can also teach them its spelling and the amount it represents.

Three mice danced, there were three

pirouettes and cartwheels they did,

The right and upside down.

To the rhythm of the music they moved

1 little step first, plus 2 later

but watch out, don't stumble

(Alba Caraballo)

Three were three Elena's daughters

Three were three and none were good

Julia, Paloma and Elena

Three were three Elena's daughters

Three were three and none were good

Blonde, chestnut and brunette

(popular poem)

Three were the legs

From the stool

What did Josete wear

Three wheels has

The tricycle he drives

My friend Rodrigo

(Star Montenegro)

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