6 fun facets of a father for his baby

6 fun facets of a father for his baby

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What is a dad? Try asking your child this question, surely the answer will leave you surprised, with a big smile on your face or really impressed, but never indifferent.

Parents are no longer those people who come at night and kiss the child when they are in bed, but are actively involved in the education and parenting of children. Today, potatoes have endless facets, don't you think?

A tender video tribute to dads for Father's Day has just fallen into my hands. Surely like me, you can't stop watching it until the end. Many parents will feel identified with these images, and to be a father, you also have to be:

1 - Comedian: to make your children laugh and make them grow up happy.

2 - Kangaroo: to carry the baby and carry it very close to the body to go for a walk.

3 - Airplane pilot: and without getting the aviation degree, what father has not made the plane with the spoon so that his son could eat?

4 - Contortionist: so as not to wake the baby when he has fallen asleep on the lap.

5 - Animator: and is that entertaining children is not just anything, you have to have special skills to capture their attention.

6 - Television star: technology today allows us to make calls not only by voice but also with images so that our children can see us even when we are not at home.

If you are a father, surely you can think of many other facets that you adopt in terms of raising and educating your children: teacher, psychologist, driver, doctor, coach ... Some will be better than others, but surely you do all of them with affection for and for your children. Thanks dads!

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