Diagnosis of autism at nine months of age

Diagnosis of autism at nine months of age

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Autism, a disorder that previously it was determined only from the age of 2 a child, has now been diagnosed in children as young as nine months old, thanks to a study conducted by a group of Canadian scientists from the McMaster University, from Ontario, Canada.

Considering that autism is not a disease and therefore has no cure, the earlier it is diagnosed, the more it will be possible to control and improve the quality of life of children who suffer from it. Autism affects 4 out of every 1,000 children, and its causes are not entirely defined. The advance in its diagnosis can avoid, for example, that it is confused with other types of disorders and that the child receives inadequate treatment.

The scientists explain that the study to detect autism is done in just ten minutes, focusing on the direction of eye movement of babies when they look at faces, eyes, or objects moving on the screen of a computer. In this way, from now on it will be possible to distinguish between a group of children with autism from another group without it, between nine and twelve months of age.

The results of the study represent an important advance in the early detection of autism in children. The treatments that are already carried out with people with autism, based on the development of your skills, can now be started at an earlier age. Children, as well as their families, will be the great beneficiaries.

The earlier autism is detected the faster the child will progress. Who has a son, a brother, or an autistic patient knows what we are talking about.

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