What does it mean if the child dreams that his teeth fall out

What does it mean if the child dreams that his teeth fall out

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The tooth loss it is something that accompanies the childhood of children. In addition to being an event when this process begins, it usually ends up becoming a whole party due to the magical appearance of the Tooth Fairy. However, many times the loss of teeth exceeds the real world and also sneaks into the dreams of the little ones.

If we want to know what it symbolizes for a child to go to bed at night and in their imagination their teeth fall out, then we have to look further into the dream interpretation for the children's world.

When a child you dream that your teeth are falling outFar from being a negative omen, as it could happen in the case of adults, in this case the child symbolism has to do precisely with the loss of innocence in those first years of life.

Although children who have tooth loss They are obviously very small, the first meaning that has to do with dreaming that their teeth fall out is that they want to stay at that age, or even go back to when they were still more children.

For children who dream that their teeth fall out, it is quite common that they keep a great relationship to motherwhose attachment terrifies them to lose. Therefore, if our son dreams that he loses those Dental pieceswho are probably already dropping them in real life, he just wants to have even more contact with his mother and still be little.

On the other hand, it is also logical that we stop to think about whether this recurring and common dream that we have throughout our lives has any meaning that is out of the positive. When we talk about adult worldThis may be related to the passage of time, or also to the end of a new stage.

Therefore, this meaning It is the same that we can associate with that of children, since although they still have a long way to grow definitively, they live in constant change, which at a given moment could be related to the growth processes to which they are subjected since are born.

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