How to raise tyrant children

How to raise tyrant children

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There are children who require constant attention and do not take a negative for an answer. There are also children who need to learn the importance of saying 'please' and 'thank you' in order to make demands correctly without having to constantly demand what they need.

If you are a mother or father of a demanding child, it is more than certain that you will know what I mean when I say that the attitude of a demanding child can make you feel bad and even be embarrassed if you are in a public place. But listen to me when I tell you that if you always give in to his demands just so he doesn't get upset, you'll be doing him a disservice.

You already know that demanding behavior from children is not always the most advisable thing to do, but a demanding child will always give you the opportunity to teach him the correct ways of interacting with others.

But it is very important in the education of children who demand a lot change this attitude and help him be less demanding and more courteous to others and to their requests. In addition, you also have to start teaching them that on many occasions it will be he who gets used to doing favors for others.

1. First and foremost, you will need to teach your child to understand the difference between what demanding behavior is and what it is and how respectful requests are requested. It is appropriate that as parents you leave the child reformulate your request and change the tone of voice to ask for something whenever necessary.

2. Remember that the best way to always teach a child any attitude is by example, so you can never educate your little ones to be more courteous if the reality is that you do not know how to be. The example of parents will always be the most important teacher, so remember how to ask for things whenever you interact with others.

3. Make your child see that it is normal for some of his requests to be accepted and in others that the answer he will receive will be 'no' and absolutely nothing happens, people also have the right to refuse.

4. It is important always keep calm When your child demands things, just ask in a calm voice, 'Is there a better way to say that?' And remember, do not give in to the demands of your child whenever he does, because then you will be favoring a tyrant and disrespectful behavior.

5. If your child has demanding behaviors, ignore the behavior and respond to any requests for courtesy, you will see how over time if you always respond to the appropriate behaviors, you will be reinforcing the expected behavior.

Maria Jose Roldan


Special Education Teacher (Therapeutic Pedagogy)

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