How should the furniture in the baby's room be

How should the furniture in the baby's room be

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In the same way that parents buy special seats to take the baby in the car and travel safely, it is important that the newborn's room is adapted to his needs and that the furniture chosen is safe and functional.

Decorating the baby's room is a task that fills many parents with enthusiasm, but in many cases more attention is paid to the decorative details than to the practical ones. It is important to know what type of furniture the baby needs and how it should be.

Equipping the baby's room with furniture that is safe for the baby is essential. This is the basic furniture for the newborn:

Crib. When choosing the best model it is necessary to follow some recommendations.

- The bars must have a distance between them less than 7 centimeters to prevent the baby from inserting the head.

- The mattress must be the same size as the mattress to avoid having lateral gaps where the baby can put the head, hands or feet.

- The crib must be solid and stable. We have to periodically check the screws, joints or bars to confirm that everything is in place.

- The height of the crib must be equal to or greater than 60 centimeters from the base of the mattress to the top of the bars to prevent them from jumping through them.

- The bumper or protector that is placed around the crib must be well secured so that the child cannot get caught.

Changing table. There are many models (with drawers, which fit on top of the crib, bathtubs-changing tables, only the canvas to put the baby on it ...)

- It is not necessary to buy a large changing table if there is no space in the house to put it. In the absence of a place to put it or budget, a simple canvas that can be placed on top of the parents' bed is enough.

- It is important never to leave the baby alone on the changing table, even if it is a newborn, they can turn and fall.

Playpen. It is useful for babies from 6 to 12 months and is used for children to entertain themselves while parents do other activities.

- It must always be in the same room where the parents are

- Keep the playpen away from curtains, plugs as the baby can stand up and grab them.

- Make sure it is in perfect condition, to prevent the child from getting caught or injured.

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