What to do for children to eat cooked with chickpeas

What to do for children to eat cooked with chickpeas

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Cocido is a very complete dish typical of the Spanish area of ​​Castile and Madrid, which celebrates the festivities of its patron saint, the Virgen de la Almudena, on November 9. If you dare to prepare this traditional stewl You may find that children do not always dare to try it, especially if it is the first time you cook it and they are not used to it.

They may be put off by chickpeas, leeks, or cabbage, as legumes and vegetables are usually the most resistant foods. That is why you can combine it in a way that is more pleasant for them, or even make a light version and very quick to cook, for which we are always in a hurry today.

Chickpeas can be a bit dry for children, so it can be a good resource to add them to the soup. Thus, juicier and accompanied by the noodles, they will not even realize that they are eating them. You can do the same with vegetables, the eternal enemy of the 'little ones': Prepare a skewer in which carrot and potato slices alternate with slices of blood sausage and chorizo, and with this fun format they are sure not to hit you.

Another thing they usually like the most is the filling. This dish is presented as an accompaniment to the traditional stew, and they are simple 'croquettes' of bread, which you can make more tasty with ham or bacon, you will see how they love them and want to repeat them.

The next day we will surely find that there is some cooking left over, since it is usually eaten as a family and we always prepare very large portions, just in case. As children have to be taught not to waste food, take the opportunity to make old clothes, or grind it to make a delicious cooked puree for your baby.

Finally, a fun experience: In the Astorga region there is the so-called 'cocido maragato', which has the same dishes as the traditional one but with the curiosity that it is eaten the other way around: It starts with meat, followed by vegetables, and finally, the soup. And don't forget, after finishing the stew, it's time for a good nap!

Teresa Guerra. Copywriter

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