Kundalini Yoga during pregnancy

Kundalini Yoga during pregnancy

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Akasha Kaur is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, instructor and promoter of the workshop Happy pregnancy, author of the book with the same name, and Meditation for pregnancy, his second book. In this interview on our site, Akasha talks about Prenatal Kundalini Yoga, an oriental practice by which the woman, during pregnancy, begins to make changes in her interior, being able to improve the destiny of the child she carries in her womb.

1- What is prenatal Kundalini Yoga about? And from what month can it be practiced?
Kundalini Yoga is an ancient discipline from India and has been called the Yoga of Consciousness. During pregnancy, the mother trains through breathing, postures, exercises, relaxation techniques, dance and songs, to establish a deep connection with her baby in the womb. You can practice from the moment the woman knows she has conceived a baby until the moment of delivery.

2- What are the benefits of Kundalini for the mother and the baby?
The mother will understand that she and her baby are the main protagonists of the birth, she will learn to relax completely, to be calm enough to channel the pain at crucial moments and to remain calm during the birth process, helping to push her baby without time presses on her, feeling loved and protected by the God who gives us life.

3- How is the practice of the Kundalini? Are there any contraindications?
The practice is very gentle, adjusting to the mommy's timing, taking into account that the baby is in an aquatic environment and that the movements must be subtle. Because this practice is very meditative, it is also recommended for high-risk pregnancies, multiple pregnancies or older mothers, as long as you have the consent and approval of your doctor.

4- Does prenatal Kundalini Yoga offer any special practice to alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth?
The expectant mother can do an introspection to realize her attitude and acceptance of pregnancy and childbirth. Later, there are exercises and postures to help with some back discomfort and practical advice for nausea, dizziness, constipation and other ailments.

5- How is prenatal Kundalini Yoga practiced?
It is practiced on the floor, on a mat or mat made of natural fibers or leather, without shoes, preferably without socks, with the hair covered with a cotton half scarf and pants that can be white.

6- Could you offer some meditation exercises for women who are pregnant?
This is a good meditation for those who have never meditated before or wish to develop the skill of concentration in action.

Sit comfortably in easy pose with the back and neck Rights. Gently tilt your chin inward. Your eyes should be slightly closed and focused on the third eye point (between the two eyebrows). Feel the pulse of the left wrist with the four fingers of the right hand. Place your fingers in a straight line, pressing very gently, so that you can feel the put on the tip of each finger. With each beat of the pulse, mentally listen to the sound SAT NAM. Start for 3 minutes and continue until you reach 11. With regular practice, you can gradually increase to the maximum time of 31 minutes. SAT means Truth and NAM means Name. Sometimes it is translated as 'Truth is my identity' and when someone says SAT NAM to another person, it means: Your Truth is your Soul.

If you wish, you can follow Akasha Kaur's teachings at:
- Meditate with your baby.
- Happy pregnancy.
- In the books: "Happy pregnancy" and "Meditation for pregnancy".

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