Flower frame. Egg Box Crafts

Flower frame. Egg Box Crafts

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Birthdays, saints, Father's Day, Mother's Day ... In the calendar there are many dates that invite us to give away, what do you think if instead of going to the store we make at home a nice photo frame with flowers made with egg boxes? On our site we show you how to do it.

They are DIY crafts, that is, those that we can do ourselves. They are ideal to have a fun time with the children while creating our own gift, what could be better?

  • Glue gun
  • Egg-cup
  • Pair of scissors
  • Photo frame

Tip: you can paint the egg cups beforehand with tempera or acrylic paint so that the flowers have the color you like best.

1- We cut one of the holes in the egg cup and round the peaks with the help of scissors.

2- We repeat the process, but this time we make a cut in the middle and open in half.

3- We take another hole in the egg cup, but in this case we cut it in half and eliminate the peaks as in the previous ones. It will be the petals of the flowers.

4- We roll up the hole of the egg cup in which we make a cut in the middle (step 2), we glue the petals on the outside. Finally we glue these two elements inside the initial egg cup and we already have the flower.

5- Now we only have to repeat the process several times to make several flowers. We glue the flowers on the frame and we already have a beautiful and original photo frame to give as a gift.

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