7 mistakes pregnant women make when in labor

7 mistakes pregnant women make when in labor

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The birth of a son or daughter is one of the most important moments of our life, and as such, all women hope to live it and enjoy it in all its intensity, even if we make mistakes sometimes. Next we tell you the 7 the most common mistakes pregnant women make while in labor.

There is always talk about the things to do before delivery and how to prepare for this moment, but the most common mistakes that pregnant women make are rarely said before giving birth to your baby... until now!

1. Stay at home waiting for contractions
It's one of the main mistakes we make before labor begins: stay at home When the due date is approaching, they have marked us "just in case".

For labor to begin, we need to be calm, that there is no adrenaline in our body for oxytocin to do its job. Being aware of every little sign of our body does not facilitate it. So the best is continue our normal life, and when the time comes, we will know.

2. Stop eating when we notice the first contractions
It is very common to think that for any admission to the hospital we need to go on an empty stomach, and that is why as soon as we suspect that the delivery is approaching we do not eat and we even stop drinking! But in this case it is not necessary, it can even be harmful.

Childbirth involves important physical work, and we need to face it with enough energy, so if you feel like it you can have some light food, and in fact it is advisable to hydrate properly. Currently in most hospitals, the possibility of having light meals during labor is contemplated.

3. Going to the hospital too soon
One of the most frequent questions is when to go to the hospital: will I know how to distinguish the contractions? Am I going into labor? What if I am too late? As the ancient midwives say, "if you have doubts, you are not yet in labor", because when the time is right, you will know.

Midwives advise to go to the hospital when you have had at least 2 hours of regular contractions in intensity, frequency and duration, so that labor is really in progress. But those 2 hours of waiting don't guarantee it either.

The problem with coming too early is that we may stay in the hospital when the delivery is not really established yet; and once we are admitted to the hospital, the clocks and protocols begin to tick, and we run the risk of suffering unnecessary interventions just because the set times are running out.

4. Wait 'they take it out'
Like we have already said, childbirth is work, but a work of women mainly, not of professionals. You are the one who has to put all the meat on the grill to help your baby to be born, it is a path that you will travel together, cared for by the people around you.

It is important to be mentalized about it. If you think that when you get to the hospital "everything is done" and that everything is in the hands of the professionals, it can be very hard to see that it is not like that and that you still have work to do.

5. Get into bed
For a long time the image of childbirth has always been a woman in a bed (or but still, on a foal), so it is not surprising that many women lie down when noticing contractions because they think it is 'where they should be'.

Fortunately, every time women know more about the birthing process and how it develops. And childbirth is movement. Staying in bed will only make contractions more painful and labor more difficult.

6. Be aware of everything
Sometimes we are used to wanting to have everything under control: family, times, papers, ... and that is impossible. And in childbirth, more.

For labor to develop we have to 'disconnect' from the outside world and let the contractions carry us 'in'. The more we are aware of "the outside", the more it will cost our brain to secrete the necessary oxytocin, and if there is no oxytocin, there are also no endorphins, and we enter a vicious circle. Labor does not progress.

7. Have very closed expectations
It's okay to think about the birth we want, bet on it, and work for it. But there are things that are beyond our control, that we cannot foresee and therefore avoid. So you also have to be prepared in case events turn out to be what we expected or wanted, and trust the professionals who are caring for us, who seek our well-being and that of our baby.

I hope I have helped you and that now that you know what things are not recommended to do during the delivery You can do everything on your part to have the delivery you want and the welcome your baby expects. See you soon!

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