Ideas, tips and resources to promote peace in the family

Ideas, tips and resources to promote peace in the family

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We have just started the year and we all set ourselves a lot of challenges: learning a second or third language, exercising, going on a diet ... We are not going to be less and we propose you an exciting family challenge to do with your children. You sign up? Consists in promote peace in the family. What sounds great? We give you the best ideas, tips and resources to achieve it successfully. We started!

On January 30, the School Day of Nonviolence and Peace, so we couldn't have chosen better this first family challenge to start the year. And do you know why this date was chosen? It was the day that Mahatma Gandhi, a pacifist and leader of Indian independence, passed away.

Of him are popular phrases about peace such as 'There is no way to peace, peace is the way' or 'Humanity cannot free itself from violence except through non-violence', but also against any kind of aggression like 'An eye for an eye and the world will end up blind'.

As parents, we must teach children the importance of living in a world where peace reigns. And, as with other aspects of life, the example is the best method to make this great value their own.

We have to show them that peace not only refers to the wars that still occur, unfortunately, in many parts of the planet, but that peace is also an attitude towards friends of the gang, a correct behavior at school and a good coexistence with family. How to get it? Here are some ideas that you can put into practice at home!

1. Mediating fights between siblings
What happens when your two children argue because they both want the same toy? Many times parents let ourselves be infected by this stressful situation and lose our nerves. From today, this is over! You will have to be a justice of the peace and try to get them to reach an agreement and, above all, to see that this attitude does not lead to anything.

2. Distribute household chores
Many of the discussions inside the house come because one has taken care of more things than another. What if we make a fair and equitable distribution according to the age and time of each one and thus avoid bad faces?

3. Avoid yelling
And if we talk about the fights, we cannot fail to mention the screaming. You can say things in an appropriate tone and, if you have to scold or repress a behavior, do it slowly and without raising your voice. The only thing screaming will do is make you more nervous, both you and your child and, what is worse, it will affect the child's self-esteem. Do you want that for him? This year ... goodbye to screaming!

4. Use magic words
Another idea for promote peace in the family is to start using more words like 'Please' or 'Thank you'. What do you like to listen to? You are not the only one! They are magical! True?

5. Teach to ask for forgiveness
And what happens when we make mistakes? Nothing, absolutely nothing! We only have to acknowledge our mistake and learn from it and, if necessary and our behavior affects a third party, ask for forgiveness. We are humans!

If together, parents, children, grandparents, uncles and cousins, we manage to carry out this challenge ... we will all be happier! We will begin to live with joy and gratitude, to share quality time, to enjoy family proposals such as organizing a day of outdoor activities, seeing photos of when you were little, cooking a delicious dessert or, simply, listening to what the other has what to say.

And do all this without haste and without stress. Living in the present and forgetting about the future. With tolerance and and compression. It is just a matter of enjoying each of the members of the family clan! What do you already have to gain from starting to put into practice everything we have said? Go get him! But there is more!

Previously we have talked to you about those behaviors that will improve family atmosphere and that they will bring tons of peace to your home. Since We have prepared some extra resources for you so that this important value in coexistence is maintained not only this January but the rest of the year. Take good note!

Short poems about peace

Rafael Alberti, Gloria Fuertes, Miguel Hernández or the aforementionedGandhi They left precious poems on paper so that children and adults too could learn to promote peace in the world. In addition to discovering this value in the little ones, poetry is a very attractive way to introduce them to the exciting world of reading.

The best phrases about peace

Another way for them to understand and understand the true meaning of the word peace is to teach them phrases of great figures, such as Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who speak of this concept. Messages that you can also write on a piece of paper and / or cardboard and hang them on the door of the fridge at home or in your rooms, and thus have them very present in your day-to-day life.

Stories about peace

One of the most positive tools to show children through example what is peace and how they can cultivate it in their day to day are the stories. Thanks to these stories, your little ones will understand that happiness cannot be achieved without internal and external peace.

Peace drawings to paint with children

This value can also be transmitted to children through something as simple and attractive for them as is paint. They can carry out this activity alone, with siblings, with friends, with classmates ... There are a lot of symbols that represent peace: the world ball, a dove, joined hands, a circle with three lines inside ... Which one do you choose?

Songs of peace

If there is a musical theme that symbolizes the fight for peace that is, without a doubt,Imagine, from former Beatles John Lennon. Released in 1971, this song is still more alive than ever, hence, since We encourage you to listen to it in the company of your loved ones. "Imagine that there is no paradise, it is easy if you try. No hell below us, above us, only heaven. Imagine all the people, living from day to day ...", says the first stanza.

Mandalas of peace

Coloring mandalas It has multiple benefits in the development of the child: it improves concentration, develops patience, stimulates creativity and imagination, lowers the stress level ... In short, it brings peace to the rich inner world of the little ones! Do you dare?

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