What children learn at the age of 6

What children learn at the age of 6

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It is from the age of six that an enormous evolution begins to be seen in the boy or girl. The little ones begin to be more aware of the world outside the home. They begin to gain confidence and make real friends, although they will continue to have trouble resolving conflicts from time to time.

It is from the age of six that the child begins to understand many more things than when everything was a 'magical world', but what stands out the most at this age?

1. From the age of six, children have a greater capacity for concentration and can pay attention for a long time, but they still prefer structured activities to feel safe.

2. Language is the basis of learning, they have a clear pronunciation, they use complex sentences.

3. They begin to read independently. They read aloud with fluency, precision and understand what they are reading. They read for pleasure and are also able to enjoy the text read.

4. They are able to write stories, descriptions and write short notes to share with others.

5. They are able to count to 200 and back from 20 at least. They use increasingly sophisticated strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. They begin to understand maps with the help of instructions.

6. Although they begin to leave the world of fantasy, they can continue to give human characteristics to animals, such as that a dog has arms instead of legs or a butterfly has eyelashes.

7. Their thinking becomes more sophisticated and they understand the world around them much better.

8. They like to move being explorers of the environment. His motor skills continue to improve. At this age it is important that they practice not having a sedentary lifestyle so that they can develop faster and better. Children who are sedentary have poorer physical development. Children need movement!

9. They like to enjoy their talents and are able to be aware of their emotions and those of others. They are aware that they can be talented and are capable of managing self-control techniques.

10. At this age they enjoy social activities and their friends.

11. They understand the importance of sharing and they like to do it.

12. It is necessary that they continue with strong routines at home because this helps them feel safe and have good emotional stability.

13. They need instructions from adults to be able to deal with some situations.

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