Can we get the children to cooperate at home?

Can we get the children to cooperate at home?

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In a house with children, many times it seems that a pitched battle has taken place: towels on the floor, mismatched shoes, open backpacks, sand from the park in the rooms, dismembered toys, colored pencils, socks and books thrown on the floor. We have to overcome a thousand and one obstacles to access any place!

Relax, that's absolutely normal. We have to educate children in everything, including taking care of their little things, their room, their house. But that, day by day, let's not expect them to learn everything, absolutely everything in one day, right?

I have to confess that one of the things that drives me the most crazy is finding that all the work used in cleaning and maintaining the home only takes a few minutes from my children to be destroyed. Even going after them picking up, we can't cover everything.

It amazes me how children are able to step on a thousand toys or papers without stooping to pick up anything, will their back hurt? Children should be warned about the need to start cooperating at home as soon as possible so that chaos and disorder take over. Taking care of the house is something that affects us all!

Children are very capable of doing many things at home or, at least, of trying to maintain order and thus showing respect for the work of others. It is a very difficult task at times because, especially, when there are several children, some blame others, or else they wring out when making our demands.

We must teach them to cooperate in daily housework, especially those that directly affect them such as picking up toys, folding their clothes or putting them to wash, put away their shoes, tidy up their room, be responsible for their books and work tools, etc. This will provide great relief to parents and will also be a beneficial habit for our children.

Children who learn to be clean, orderly and respectful in the family environment, will extend this behavior to the school environment or to the street. On the other hand, in this way we will also offer a suitable environment, since no one can feel certain well-being in a chaotic, messy or dirty house.

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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