Fun and loving hugs as a family to practice every day

Fun and loving hugs as a family to practice every day

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They are warm, welcoming and give a lot of love, who doesn't like to start or end the day with a hug? What if they are family hugs to practice daily? And there are many advantages for children and adults to feel supported by a loved one: security, feeling of protection, tranquility, appreciation ... Do you want to know what the best hugs to practice as a family? Take paper and pencil because we started.

They comfort when you are sad, they reinforce self-esteem when you notice that something is not going well, they show the affection you feel and they are an ideal way to celebrate the good news. That to name just a few of the work that you have hugs. In fact, a good hug, the kind that is given with the best of intentions, is excellent therapy.

Who has not felt comforted by receiving a sincere hug? Contact is necessary between human beings, especially if we talk about the smallest of the house, who need the warmth of their parents to feel protected. Let's see some of the advantages of giving or receiving a hug every day:

1. A sincere hug It gives security, affection, esteem, tranquility and protection.

2. Sample love and affection.

3. It brings us closer and we connect with who we have next to us.

4. They are especially comforting if you feel sad.

5. They are ideal for get a smile to that person that you appreciate so much.

6. They have the secret formula for heal emotional wounds.

7. But it doesn't stop there, did you know that hugs have the power to stimulate the production of certain hormones? Specifically oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, also known as the hormones of happiness.

Having said this, we can only tell you the types of hugs to practice as a family. Which of them will be your favorite?

Bear hug
Surely this hug sounds familiar to you. The bear hug is the one in which you completely envelop your little one with your body, while you give him a warm kiss on the cheek.

Cheek with cheek
You take your child in your arms, hold him against your chest and bring your cheek together with his. No one can resist!

Three hug or sandwich hug
Your little one in the middle, on one side you and, on the other, his father. The child will feel safe and well loved. We warn you, this hug causes addictionWhen you try it, you can't stop.

Hug with tickling included
Ideal if your child is tired or in a bad mood. You take him in your arms and tickle him a bit while giving him a big hug. You'll see how he can't stop laughing!

Rag doll hug
Your little one is angry about something, and it is just at that moment that he is with his arms crossed and his head bowed in protest, when you snuggle him in your arms by surprise. A hug is capable of changing anyone's mood.

Impetuous hug
With a lot of energy, with cuddles, kisses and any other way you can think of to show your child everything you love him. Do not be surprised if the next day you are the one who receives a super strong hug.

Hug on the fly
You hold your child around the waist and lift him off the ground while making him rest his head on your shoulder. Warm, emotional and perfect to give security and reinforce the self esteem.

Dancers hug
This kind of hug to give as a family is a continuation of the previous one. Once you have your child raised off the ground, start taking some dance steps, don't forget to put the music in the background!

Side hug
It goes unnoticed, but it also has its importance. It's about putting your arm over your little one's shoulder and back in a show of sincere affection and support.

Hug full of pride
It doesn't matter if you hug him from the side, that you lift him off the ground, that you wrap your arms around him or that you kiss him on the cheek at the same time, just do it, hug your loved ones with affection, with pride and with a lot of love. Enjoy those wonderful moments and all the feelings that are transmitted. And do it, of course, every day, whenever you want, whenever you have the opportunity and whenever they need it.

Remember that you can improve someone else's mood just by giving a hug full of affectionSo, may there not be a single day that you don't hug your family! Don't you know how to do it? Check out these ideas!

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