Step-by-step matronatation. Mom and baby swim together

Step-by-step matronatation. Mom and baby swim together

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Midwifery or swimming for babies with their mother, is the aquatic stimulation of the baby with games


After several fun classes, your baby is ready to become a little independent from you in the water. He can spend part of the class time playing with his toys and with other children under your supervision but without your help. The little one has overcome the fear of water and who knows if one day he will be an elite swimmer.

As your baby has proven that he is able to move through the water without your help, it is time to move on to a somewhat more complicated level of exercises. Put tests on him or scattered toys to force him to move from one place to another if he wants to get the prize.

As you become more comfortable, your baby will feel more and more comfortable in the water and the classes will have a lot more fun. It is time for you to motivate him with some toys or things that attract his attention so that he can move through the water alone.

Now that he knows how to move his arms and legs and has lost the fear of splashing and getting his head wet, it is time for the baby to discover that he can gradually detach himself from his mother's hold and move without help through the Water.

Now is the time to start midwifery exercises. Put the baby on his stomach and place your hand on his tummy for support. This way you will gradually learn to kick and get used to the most common swimming posture.

To complete the cycle of adaptation to the water, you can take some submersible toys to the pool. The baby will identify this act of playing with his daily bath and will not be so impressed by the large amount of water that he has around him.

Now that your baby has lost that initial fear of water, complete the process of adapting to the new environment with a walk in the pool. The baby will know the dimensions of the place he is in and from then on it will be familiar to him.

So that the baby is not afraid of water, hug him, place him next to your chest, kiss him and talk to him with affection telling him the good times that he will spend with you and how much fun he will have during the midwife classes.

When the baby arrives at the pool on the first day, it is essential that his acclimatization to the aquatic environment is not sudden. Slowly introduce your baby into the water until he is comfortable in the pool.



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