5 secrets to educate your children in love

5 secrets to educate your children in love

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Too much technique, little love. Parents, today, are more concerned with what to do or how to do it with our children, than with actually being present in education. I know parents who master the theory as a university expert in Assertiveness, Active Listening, Empathic Communication or Negotiation of norms and limits, however, they fail in the main… practice !!

Really, the interesting thing is not to change the behavior of our children at a certain moment, that would be something superficial and external, what really, as parents we must achieve, is to transform our children at the deepest levels, such as the emotional, the mental or the spiritual, and for this, the best tool is LOVE.

Next we offer you the 5 secrets to educate children in love. Take aim!

With so many manual of learning, of education, of different methods, there is something that we often forget and that should be, in reality, what constantly guides the education of our children. We forget that you can educate from love. It is not that complicated, we just have to listen to our instincts and above all, to our heart.

You are ready? I want to share with you 5 SECRETS that will help you to educate in Love, in order to offer your children a healthy and happy relationship.

1.- Give him TIME
Share with your children, quality time, it is not so much the quantity but the way to be present with them. Plan time for each of your children, put away distractions and enjoy with them and with them.

2.- Express your love
Remind him how much you love him and tell him so. Write how you feel about him and surprise him with a letter or card that expresses what you like the most about him.

3.- More physical contact:
Physical contact satisfies the skin hunger we all have, so hug him, kiss him, and make him feel safe with your hands and body. Sadness decreases and well-being increases when we feel physical contact. Hug him! for no reason, just for the fact of feeling part of it.

4.- More empathy
You try to understand your positive intention behind each behavior: what you are doing it for, what you are trying to achieve, what you would change if you stopped doing it. There's always a good reason to do what you do… find out! And you will be creating a relationship based on trust and understanding.

5.- Let him see that you are happy
The best way to guarantee being good parents is to be happy parents, so do everything you can to feel good about yourself and in your relationship, in order to pass it on to your children. A happy person is full, enjoys everything, loves life and embraces it, and also, relates with other people not to fill a void, but to share their abundance, their fullness and their happiness.

If you want to contribute something important to society and the world in which we live, offer beloved children, immensely and deeply loved, so we will be guaranteeing honest, serene and happy people for a better world.

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