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14 perfect rainbow baby boy names

14 perfect rainbow baby boy names

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The rainbow babies are children born after parents have suddenly lost their previous baby during the pregnancy, delivery or postpartum. They are so important that parents look for a special name for them. We present the 14 best names for rainbow boy babies.

To the rainbow babies They are given this definition because they appear lighting up the sky after a storm, just like the band with all the colors of the solar spectrum. After the terrible loss of your child, the parents give themselves another chance, but this time the wait is inevitably fraught with fear and caution.

Therefore, these babies, that bring hope again, they are already born with predetermined values ​​due to the illusion and expectation that their parents place in them. They will surely be children who will bring happiness, harmony, light, calm, creativity and joy to the home… And we will surely grant them qualities such as heroism, courage, security, optimism or protection.

Therefore, when thinking about a name for a rainbow baby we can take these circumstances into account and give them special meaning. Here we give you some ideas!

1. Augustine
It comes from Latin, from Augustinus and means the revered. It expresses emotion and will to live, concentration, leadership and perseverance. It is usually related to people who like to head new projects.

2. Alexander
It comes from Alexein, which means to protect, and ἀνδρός, which means man, so Alexander is the protector of men. Fun fact: Alejandro was the name most chosen by Spanish parents to call their children during 2017, unseating the other very popular, David.

3. Alfonso
It is of German origin and comes from Adelfuns, made up of adel (noble) and funs (ready, prepared). It means noble and ready to fight. Many parents choose it, for its meaning, as a name for their rainbow baby but it must also be said that it may be a surname.

4. Andrew
It comes from the term ανήρ (anēr), genitive ανδρός (andrós), which means man. It can also be linked with the Indo-European root ner, which means man, life force. Andrés represents courage and strength. Her female variant is Andrea.

5. Angel
It comes from the Greek and means sent and messenger of God. It expresses communication, sociability, creativity, goodness and beauty. They are usually children with a very mysterious personality and with the ability to exert a great influence on others.

6. Hannibal
Hannibal is a gift, the gift of the god Baal, of Phoenician origin, where it was written: Hanan-baal, which means benefited with the grace of Baal and generous lord.

7. Antonio
From Latin, it means praiseworthy and a brave man who stands up to enemies. Express bravery and defense. Many parents choose this long name, although later for the day to day they prefer to abbreviate it with Toño or Toñín.

8. Eloy
It is a Basque name that means the chosen one and, although its origin is Spanish, it is in France where it is most used. Eloy expresses emotionality and protection. In feminine it would be Eloísa.

9. Enrique
He is the prince in his land. It comes from the German Heinrich, from haim (abode, house, country) and rich (boss, master, leader). This name is closely related to that of many European countries.

10. Ernesto
It is a Germanic name that means the fighter determined to win. Express honesty, willfulness and kindness. Did you know that his saint is celebrated on November 7?

11. Esteban
It is a Greek name that means The Crowned. It comes from the word “stefanos”, whose meaning is “Victorious”.

12. Felix
Without a doubt, this name is perfect for any male rainbow child because in its five letters it says it all: Felix brings happiness. It comes from Latin and means happy or the one who considers himself happy or lucky, as you are now with your baby in your arms!

13. Guillermo
It is a name of Germanic origin that means the one who protects or whom his will protects or protected from God. Children with this name are said to be quite stubborn. Get ready!

14. July
It is a Latin name that comes from the Latin Iulius, and means son of Aeneas and happy and strong. If your rainbow baby is born, in addition, together in this month of the year, do not hesitate to give him this powerful name!

Any of these names are made for a rainbow baby boy. You just have to look for the one you like the most and, above all, look at your little one's face. Surely with his gestures he will tell you the name that best suits him!

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