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Tips to cure blisters in children

Tips to cure blisters in children

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If there is something most unpleasant, it is that moment in which for some reason the skin comes into contact with excessive heat and when burned, they appear blisters on the skin.

When this happens to any of our children, either due to a burn, the rubbing of a shoe, an infection or another circumstance, it is necessary that we know what to do to cure blisters and that the pain last for the shortest possible time.

When the children have just burned, the first thing we have to do is open the cold water tap and that they put their hands or the affected part in question under this surface so that the pain goes away. In this way, we may avoid, thanks to this homemade trick and the deep cleansing serum, that the dreaded blister does not appear.

The same will happen in the case of shoes, if we know that they are too narrow, it is advisable to use insoles in order to avoid annoying blisters, since the rubbing of the footwear itself can contribute to its appearance.

If there is nothing to do and we have the blister on your skin, the most important thing is that we know how to attack the bubble with liquid. The most important thing at the point that there is already a blister is that we cure it as soon as possible so that an infection does not occur.

So that the blister do not develop an infection, there are two medical variables when acting when there is fluid in these areas. There is a way that is the one that recommends that it is most advisable to remove the liquid that is inside, in order to be able to cure the surface to prevent the damage from being greater.

Cutting the 'excess' part of the blister does not have to be painful for the child if we do it carefully with the appropriate scissors. The skin that is new without the liquid is the one to be deep wash very carefully, and the one that must be cured with the help of physiological saline, which will make it completely clean although open, since the skin must regenerate.

However, there are other medical reasons for do not open the wound in question. Some professionals consider that removing the layer that protects the affected area could do the opposite effect, that is, it would cause it to become more damaged rather than prevent infection. Everything will depend on the type of liquid in the interior of the blister, which will be what will make us see if necessary cut the skin that is left over in children to make them feel better, or if it is better to let it disappear by itself.

The next step, once we have chosen one of the two ways, whether or not the cut of the blister, is to apply a gauze that holds the affected part, which can be the heel of the foot by a shoe, or a finger from a burn, or hand. On occasions when the blister has been produced by a greater impact, such as a higher degree burn, an antibiotic cream is used recommended by the specialist doctor.

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