Mother's Day

Congratulations to the working mother twice

Congratulations to the working mother twice

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'Happy day mom, the queen of my kingdom, that's you mom.' With this phrase or another similar one, your children will wake you up on Mother's Day and they will give you full of emotion the gift they have prepared for weeks at school. They have made an effort to choose the colors that you like the most, the most beautiful decoration and have made every effort to make the best of gifts for their mother.

Just thinking about it, tears are already coming to my eyes, as my face lights up imagining my children on Sunday. That day I forget everything. My selective memory only relives the best, the happiest, most tender and funniest moments. With the gifts in my hands, I can only think of how lucky I have been to have given life and how much they still need me and can do for my children.

In this week, when We celebrate Mother's Day and International Workers' Day in Spain, the congratulations to working moms come double. And it is that much has been said about the trap that women today live, which makes us split into two completely antagonistic roles.

Most of them know the importance of quality and the amount of time that is dedicated to children and, nevertheless, we continue to fight for the always difficult task of making it compatible with the investment of dedication that a true professional career requires.

Many mothers work by choice, because it is part of our personal fulfillment and because it is our right. Since I was little, my parents taught me that being financially dependent on a partner could bind a woman against her will when things went wrong.

Others we do it to survive, to supplement the couple's salary, or because we have decided to face motherhood alone. In any case, many of us find ourselves at the crossroads between children and work.

This is how we arrive at archetypes such as Wonder Woman: perfectionist to fulfill the role of perfect employee, good daughter, wife and mother, good friend of her friends, without ceasing to be a beautiful and beautiful woman; competitive, with her co-workers, and also with other mothers and wives; and demanding both with herself and with others.

All of this results in a life built on a high stress and overload scheme. It seems obvious that a working woman should not try to copy the maternal model of her children's grandmother who did not work outside the home.

However, when we analyze our behaviors in depth, we see that we tried to do everything they did, in addition to fulfilling all our new functions. The strategy to combat it is usually to work as a team.

It is necessary to share obligations with the partner and with the children, moving away from the established models. Before forcing the machine too much, it is important to remember the value of the mother as the center of the family, life begins in her, she is the soul and the strongest pillar in the formation of children.

In charge of preserving and preserving the values ​​of society, we children turn to her to bathe in her support, affection and understanding. We hope you listen to us, understand us and even guess what is happening to us.

It is the moment to thank him for what he has done out of love through the approach and interest in what he thinks, feels, wants or needs from us. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to make her feel that you love her. Congratulations mom !!!

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