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What the color of urine tells us about the health of the child

What the color of urine tells us about the health of the child

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Have you ever freaked out when your pee was a more intense color? Or reddish? Maybe something greenish? Everything has its reason. The color of urine, too. You will be surprised to see that is often related to the foods and drinks we drink. In the case of children, the same thing happens. Depending on the amount of liquid you eat, the foods you include in your diet, the medications you take, or if you have an infection, the pee can change hue and even color. Do you want to know what colors urine can have and what are the causes? Here are some.

When urine has hardly any color, when it is practically transparent, it is because the body has received too much water, perhaps too much. Staying hydrated is essential, but drinking too much water does our body no favors.

2. Pale yellow
It is the normal color of urine. So must be. A sign that the organs are working properly and that the body is perfectly hydrated.

3. Dark yellow
Depending on the hydration of the body, this tone changes and darkens. If the pee is dark yellow, it is a symptom of a lack of hydration, although it is not severe, but mild. It means you should drink some more water.

4. Honey or amber color
It is a sign that dehydration begins to exist. The body needs more water now.

5. Light brown
There is a risk of severe dehydration. Give your child water urgently and if the symptoms persist, you should take him to the doctor.

6. Pink or reddish
This color is the one that scares the most, without a doubt. Normal. The cause can be several and be from a simple effect from eating foods such as rhubarb or blueberries or it can show a presence of blood in the urine. If you didn't eat or give your child any of these foods, it may be the latter. In the event that it is due to the presence of blood in the urine, the doctor should be consulted, since there can be many causes, from a urine infection to a tumor. The presence of blood in the urine alerts us that there may be a problem in the bladder, kidney, prostate or urethra.

7. Orange
Orange pee is linked to several causes. It may be a sign that your child needs to drink more. Either it is a sign of a liver or biliary problem. However, it could also be that the food you gave your child had too much food coloring.

8. Blue or greenish
In this case, yes, it is very strange. The blue-green color in the urine is related to a strange genetic disease, but also to the presence of bacteria in the urinary tract. Or maybe something you ate that had a food coloring in this hue. Some medications also change the color of urine to this hue. Just in case, although it is not serious, you should consult your doctor.

9. Foamy urine
If it is occasional, it does not pose any problem. It is simply from the pressure or force of the urine. However, if it persists over time, it may indicate an excess of proteins in the body or a kidney problem. In the event that it is not punctual, you should consult your doctor.

10. Strong-smelling urine
Many foods, like asparagus, can change the smell of urine. Nothing happens, it is just an effect of the food you eat. It does not indicate any health problems.

Source consulted:
- Cleveland Clinic (Ohio, USA).

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