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The month in which to get pregnant so that your baby is born in April

The month in which to get pregnant so that your baby is born in April

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Since we want to let you know how you can plan your pregnancy. This time we are going to tell you when you have to get pregnant for your baby to be born in the month of April.Calculators will be very useful to make conception easier.

Let me share one thing with you, I am the mother of a boy and a girl and when I decided that I wanted to enter the exciting world of motherhood, there were many doubts that assailed me. Why am I telling you this? Because if you are reading these lines, you have also decided to be a mother and, let me know if it is not like that, those same doubts now appear in your mind. Being a mom is beautiful, believe me, but it's also uncertain and scary, yes, as you read it. Do you know what helped me to be calmer? Be informed of everything related to my pregnancy and know how I could have everything under control.

If we look at the calendar, we discover that July will be the month in which your pregnancy has to start for your baby to be born in the month of April. The first quarter will go from July to September, the second from October to December and the third from January to March, so if everything goes according to plan, April will be the month your child is born. How exiting!

The process of getting pregnant will be easier if you have some calculators. We propose three: the first is the ovulation calculator to know your fertile days, the second is the calculator and the pregnancy calendar and the third, which you surely do not want to miss under any circumstances, is the calculator of the eye color you will have your little. Let's go to see her!

- Fertile days calculator
This calculator will help you know everything about ovulation: what it is, what its symptoms and its stages are. You already know that during menstruation a mature ovum is released that develops in the ovary, this is the phase known as ovulation. Part of the ovary called the ovarian follicle discharges an egg, also called the gamete of an ovum or mature ovum, which travels through the fallopian tube, a space where it can meet a sperm and thus fertilize. Regarding the stages, we distinguish three: the periovulatory or follicular phase, the ovulatory phase and the postovulatory or luteal phase.

Also check out this valuable ovulation calculator to know what days of the month you ovulate, that is, when you are most fertile and thus try to get pregnant. It was very useful to me, surely you too.

- Pregnancy calendar and calculator
Through this calculator you will be able to know how your baby develops week by week within you until the moment of delivery. To use it correctly you just have to enter the date of your last period, or rule. Being a mother is a unique experience, so the more informed you are the better you will feel, don't you think?

- Baby's eye color calculator
Now it is the turn of the most beautiful calculator there is, the calculator to find out what color your baby's eyes will have before it is born. We know it is not the most important thing, but it is something you will not stop thinking about until you see your child's adorable face. Meanwhile, use this calculator, you will see that it is based on analyzing and mixing the eye color of the parents to predict what the child's eyes will be like. You'll see what an illusion it makes you!

What do you suppose your baby is born in April? Suppose that from now on April will undoubtedly be your favorite month, it also supposes that you are going to live a stage full of love that will change your life completely, and it also means that you must be ready for all the good things that are to come and to deal with the not so good. You can imagine that tiredness, sleepless nights, mood swings and the hormonal revolution are going to take their toll. Being a mother is great, I don't change it for anything, but it's also exhausting and you have to be mentalized about it so as not to fall into depressions.

And to all this we must add the times when your little one will get sick, I still remember when my baby was constipated when he was only six months old, how bad it is! What I want you to understand is that you must be ready for this kind of thing, know how to act and not be overly alarmed. Choose your child's pediatrician wisely for when you need to go with total confidence.

Your pregnancy is just beginning, so you have a long nine months to prepare to become a mother. Here are our little recommendations:

1. Eat healthy and varied before, during and after pregnancy. Include foods with an extra calcium in your diet.

2. Get the medical check-ups that are necessary for you and your baby to be in perfect condition.

3. Don't forget about exercise moderate, it is also ideal to deal with the bad mood of hormones.

4. Make sure your weight is adequate, neither more nor less, it is essential to be healthy and avoid health problems.

5. In turn, remember to take the folic acid supplement, even better if you start taking it three months before staying healthy.

6. Forget bad habits like tobacco or alcohol.

7. Visit your dentist for proper oral hygiene.

8. Live each stage with enthusiasm and share it with your partner and your loved ones.

After reading these lines, why do you feel much calmer? Congratulations mom, your dream has come true!

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