Eradicate bullying once and for all by teaching values ​​to children

Eradicate bullying once and for all by teaching values ​​to children

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When a boy or girl feels bothered by another continuously; when a child is habitually bullied by another; when a child is constantly afraid of another due to aggressive actions that have occurred… In all these alleged cases we can speak of bullying, one of the most complicated challenges that parents and teachers face. And one of the first steps to eradicate bullying in classrooms it is Educate children in values. Specifically, there are 7 values ​​that I think we must transmit from childhood.

We understand bullying any form of psychological, verbal or physical abuse produced between schoolchildren repeatedly over a certain time.

The profile of the boy or girl who harasses has characteristics that on many occasions coincide, and in the same way it happens with the candidate to be bullied and harassed. That is why, from home, it is important to take care of certain values ​​that help prevent harassment.

I have made a selection of those that I believe are essential and necessary and that, if we instill them in our sons and daughters from an early age, we will also encourage them to be good people.

1. Responsibility
First of all, I highlight responsibility. We can work on this value through small tasks entrusted to our sons and daughters appropriate to their age. It is also important that they see in us, their referents and parents, that we fulfill our obligations and that we respond to our own actions.

2. Tolerance
Second, tolerance, which refers to the understanding and acceptance of being able to see in others a different way of thinking, being and acting, and admitting it as valid, that is, respect. The way in which I, as an adult, speak and treat others, how I accept their differences, is the model that I am going to offer my children.

To encourage it, we need to talk with children about what it means to be tolerant. And stories, for example, can be a good way to do it.

3. Respect
Respect consists of treating others the way we like to be treated, something apparently simple but sometimes we forget. And I don't just mean people, but also animals, social norms, our environment in general. Let us never forget that our children may not listen to us many times, but they do see how we act.

4. Humility
It is important to teach children to know and recognize their own capacities, as well as the weaknesses of each one. This will help them get to know each other better. It is necessary that they feel secure in their strengths, but also that they see that each one of us is different and is not superior to anything or anyone.

5. Solidarity
Contributing to making this world better is a very beautiful value that we can also instill from home. Sharing time, space and energy with other people with the aim of living in harmony, collaborating and helping, benefits in love for others. From small we can participate with our children in charity events, volunteering, solidarity activities ...

6. Sincerity
The value of sincerity is also key. It is necessary to be sincere and sincere, it is necessary to be noble and frank. This is a complicated issue, that sometimes with the 'white lie' we play with the truth, and we take some lies for granted.

7. Honesty
And finally honesty: what it means to be real, authentic, unique. Being honest means respecting yourself and others. It is important to inculcate our sons and daughters to follow their own criteria and not to be influenced by other relationships or attitudes that they think can harm them. That is something that you will see in us first.

Remember that values ​​are learned first at home and that our sons and daughters are not going to learn so much what we tell them to do but what they see us do.

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