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How to help children sleep alone in their bedroom

How to help children sleep alone in their bedroom

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Getting the child to sleep alone in his room is not always easy. Many times due to the habit that children acquire of sleeping with their parents from a very young age, sometimes due to fears, and other times due to regressions, they make the sleep routine when the child sleeps in their own space is complicated.

There are thousands of methods to teach children to sleep alone. From the best known and controversial as the Estivill method, to other more gradual methods for less "disciplined" parents, all of them based on behavioral techniques whose objective is that children learn to sleep alone in their room and using negative or punishing stimuli ( if he cries, ignore him). These types of methods seek the quickest and apparently most effective solution without paying attention to the short or long-term negative effects that they can cause.

Another more effective method is provide them with routines from love, patience and common sense and based on positive stimuli. This method is slower 'cooking' but 100% effective.

If the child is one of those who has been used to sleeping with his parents for a long time, it is not enough to ask him to change rooms.

- The child can be motivated by explaining that sleeping in his room you will have more space and will be more comfortable. This space will be yours and therefore you can choose how it will be.

- The child may have permission to do in his bed what is not allowed in his parents. Read inside for a while before turning off the light, put any toys, etc.

- If the child is already prepared to use the incentive system. A table will be used in which together you will agree on the award for performing the desired behavior.

On the other hand, from the age of 2, regressions are common in children. The causes of these regressions can have different reasons: from the birth of a sibling to the fear of sleeping alone. And it is that at this age of 2 years nightmares are frequent due to their imagination and fear of the dark. These factors intensify the fear of sleeping alone. To alleviate your discomfort it is recommended:

- Leave an indirect light to see what is still in your room. That is to say, leave the door ajar so that the hallway light can give you, or leave the blind half up.

- Maintain the routine of going to bed at the same time and always doing the same. For example, read him a story.

- If you wake up restless, accompany you until you relax.

When it comes to helping your children sleep alone, you should always follow the same routine, which can include a kiss or wish them good night. Something must always be done that is available to us and is brief. Everything that is done to help the child to sleep cannot exceed what is essential such as, for example, holding them in your arms to sleep, going to bed with them to sleep, etc.

Since it can become a difficulty with the passage of time or if there are different circumstances such as a move, other family members taking care of them, etc. In addition to these types of aids there are other types of strategies that we usually use and that have immediate results but imply disadvantages in the future:

- Get angry because you resist sleeping alone and behave badly
If you do, the child understands that the father or mother will not hold on angry for long and will end up giving in.

- Give him arguments why he should sleep alone and not be afraid to do so
If it is done, the child will always want more.

- Help him with things he can do himself
You should not do things that the child can do alone such as going to the bathroom alone or getting up to drink water. Meeting these demands implies that the child gets the adult's attention and can postpone sleeping.

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