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5 keys to caring for and pampering your baby

5 keys to caring for and pampering your baby

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The first years of the baby are overwhelming for parents. The constant changes and the incessant evolution of the baby, makes that parents do not have time to get used to one stage when they are already thinking about the next. Thus, in these early years it is essential to be especially attentive to 5 points to fully enjoy parenthood: care for the mother, care for the baby, stimulation, play and surprise details.

In this way we will ensure that the baby's environment is beneficial for its growth, and some of the parents' concerns regarding these important issues will also disappear.

- A healthy mom, a healthy baby

It is important for the mother both in pregnancy and in the first years of the baby to lead a healthy life. We are not referring only to physical issues or taking care of eating, but the mother must be emotionally strong as well. If we are stressed or uneasy we will transmit it to our little one. Furthermore, we cannot forget that in addition to being mothers we are still women.

- Baby care

Especially in the first year of life, our baby needs a lot of specific care, a 'good training to be a mother' will help us to take care of our baby, to know what he needs without being overprotective.

- Stimulation and learning

Our baby will learn little by little and adapt to the environment that surrounds him. But we can also help you make this learning easier and lasting with exercises and stimulation games, without overloading them, since if you don't stimulate it, it will turn into frustration. Although, the best way to stimulate the little one is to be by his side.

- Play with the baby

Games have to be designed to be enjoyed in a group, to promote their socialization. Let's not promote the isolation of the child, let's play with him. Through games, values ​​such as sharing, being patient or winning and losing can be taught.

- Surprise the baby

Like the baby, who surprises you every day, you have to encourage each day to be special. With details, plans, activities that make your day a magical moment. Thus we flee from monotony and boredom.

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