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Children and mobile

Children and mobile

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From that age Is it recommended that my child carry a mobile phone? This is a question that many parents ask today. Due to the growing development of new technologies, in many houses it is already very normal that in a child's room there are television, video, DVD, video game, computer and also that the boy already have a mobile phone.

The mobile phone is becoming more popular with the very young, a conclusion of the latest study developed by the Association for the Media Research (AIMC). The Ombudsman for Minors of the Community of Madrid, Arturo Canalda, recommends that children not use a mobile phone until they reach the 13 years old and that its use is related to the age at which children begin to become independent.

In addition, a few months ago, it published a report entitled 'For the responsible use of new technologies', in which we can find a series of recommendations, suggestions and ideas that allow addressing the purchase and subsequent use of this new dimension of communication and leisure . It provides ideas to facilitate the purchase and use, by children, not only of mobile phones, but also of video games and the Internet.

The guide, which aims to offer a series of guidelines for parents When purchasing new technology devices, he advises parents to first consider their level of maturity before buying a mobile phone for their child and to reflect on the cost control possibilities offered by both prepaid and mobile phones. contract.

Additionally, it recommends that parents stipulate limits on mobile use, avoiding long calls and that children expose their heads to devices as little as possible.

The document induces parents to encourage children, as well as adolescents, to spend their time practicing free activities with peers, playing games, reading, or sport. "We must not prohibit the use of new technologies to our children, but educate them in the responsibility"explained the defender.

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