The compatibility between ibuprofen and breastfeeding

The compatibility between ibuprofen and breastfeeding

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After the moment childbirth And, depending on how this has been, many women may have pain in the perineal area. These discomforts make many doctors recommend that the mother take ibuprofen to calm the discomfort, but it may be that these, especially those who have chosen to breastfeed, are opposed in case this medicine can affect your baby. Are Ibuprofen And Breastfeeding Compatible? We solve your doubts!

As a result of childbirth, tears can occur in the perineal area that have to be sutured or, even, the gynecologist or midwife sometimes has to perform an episiotomy (cut that is made in the area to facilitate the delivery of the baby in a given memento, but that is not done by routine). These perineal traumas usually cause a lot of pain, especially when the stitches are drying out, when the woman tries to take her first walk through the corridors of the hospital or simply when she sits on the bed to feed her little one.

Other complicated and also painful moments can occur with the beginning of breastfeeding: cracks in the nipples, mastitis, breast engorgement ...

All this makes doctors choose to administer some medication that allows the mother to relieve this pain, but she is usually reluctant when taking medication. The most frequent concern that appears is that the drugs that she ingests pass into the milk, and consequently to the baby.

When non-pharmacological pain relief tools do not work, it is recommended to use drugs to eliminate the discomfort that childbirth and breastfeeding can produce, but of course, they should always be directed by a medical professional. He will be the one who determines the dose, frequency and form of administration. We must not forget about drug allergies! If you are allergic, or suspect that you might be, you should inform your healthcare professional before starting treatment.

He ibuprofane It is a drug that takes on special importance during the puerperium. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, widely used in this new stage of women and is indicated in the treatment of fever, pain and inflammation. In addition, it can be administered orally and topically, with a frequency of 6 to 8 hours.

It is important to note that ibuprofen is a fairly safe drug, both for the mother and for the newborn, as long as it is taken strictly. However, no problems or reactions have been observed in mothers who have taken this anti-inflammatory during breastfeeding.

Furthermore, in many cases it is considered the painkiller of choice in nursing mothers. It has been shown that the dose that an infant can receive through breastfeeding is minimal, being much lower than the necessary therapeutic dose, therefore, as previously mentioned Ibuprofen is a safe drug throughout breastfeeding.

So it is recommended not to take ibuprofen too often. We must alternate it with other painkillers such as paracetamol (which does not affect breastfeeding either), since taking it without interruption can produce adverse effects on the mother. Among the most common are gastrointestinal complaints (heartburn, gastritis, nausea ...) and kidney disorders.

Quiet! It is very normal to feel upset the first days after delivery, little by little you will feel better, you just need some time and trust yourself. You have just started an adventure, that of motherhood, of which you have heard or read a lot, but about which you only learn from day to day.

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